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Mission & Impact

Aqus provides clean water solutions for households, businesses, governments, and NGO's around the globe.

Though access to clean water is a human right, four billion people rely on drinking dirty, boiled, or bottled water. These options are killing our people and destroying our planet. Our mission is to democratize access to clean water around the world.

The Aqusafe water filter is transforming the way people and small businesses access clean water by making boiling and bottling a thing of the past. Our customers have the opportunity to become #Waterpreneurs by selling water to generate a supplemental income, making this innovation accessible to all.

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Solving the Real Issue

For decades, people have relied on buying bottled water and boiling water. Humanity uses 500 BILLION bottles of water a year while boiling water emits enormous amounts of CO2, contributing to climate change and deforestation in the process.




Aqus was determined to find a reliable, affordable and efficient solution. We have created two filters: the Faucet Adapter perfect for the home or office that gets running non potable water to their home or office and the Bucket Adapter for those who do not have access to running water. Aqus filters are accredited by an EPA certified lab to filter out 99.9999 percent of bacterial pathogens and flow up to 380 gallons a day. 

Our filters work for communities and villages that do not have access to clean water, disaster relief areas, schools, hospitals, NGOs, the military, governments, and outdoor adventurers. We pride ourselves on providing a revolutionary, fast, easy and affordable solution to accessing clean drinking water and helping communities rise out of poverty. Additionally, individuals have the opportunity to become water entrepreneurs thus generating supplemental income for themselves, their families, and their communities.